Gautier gas war

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - It spans all the way across Gautier, from the Kangaroo on the Ocean Springs border to the Dodge's gas station just west of the Singing River. It's gasoline for just over $1.70. That's more than twenty cents cheaper than most stations across the coast.

Jacqueline Williams and Alfreda Nix stopped by the Murphy express to fill up Friday afternoon.  At that point, gas in many Gautier stations was down to $1.74.

"I think it's wonderful for it to be $1.74," said Williams.

Williams and Nix said only a few days ago, most Gautier gas was priced like the rest of the coast. Now that several station's prices are dipping, they are only two of the many Jackson County residents cashing in.

Williams used to live in Moss Point, and she said many of her friends from the city are making the drive to Gautier just to fuel up.

"A lot of our friends come over here to get gas," Williams said.

"They say it's cheaper here, and this [the gas stations with lower fuel costs] is going to get their money," added Nix.

Several miles away at Dodge's, Bobbie Judge is just as thrilled with the apparent discount. She said she came into Gautier to go shopping and was happy to save money on fuel.

When asked if she would come back into town just for gas savings, she replied, "Yes I would. Gas is about $0.25 a gallon cheaper."

None of the gas station clerks that WLOX spoke with were authorized to talk on camera. But several of them confirmed off camera that there really could be a gas war in Gautier. They said they just have to keep lowering prices to compete with their neighboring stations.

Many clerks say it could stem from Murphy's Express, a new station that opened Monday with the lower price. Folks across Jackson County agree.

"Yes it's a competition thing," said Williams. "You know it is because there's a new gas station. You know they have to compete with everyone else around."

Whatever the reason, many drivers hope the trend in Gautier continues to spread, especially when money is so tight.

"It needs to go down lower," said Judge.

Stewart Montgomery agrees.

"I'd like to see it go on," said Stewart Montgomery.  "I'd love to see a war, and get it down to where it'll help this economy."

The price at one of the stations featured had dropped to $1.71/gallon, by late Friday night.

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