Fort Maurepas In Need Of Help

The Fort Maurepas Society is inviting you to become a member. The group of history buffs is trying to support and educate the public about what they call "a living history lesson."

Many are disgusted that one of the most historic sites in our state is being cast aside, while others say it's not the exact site where the original fort was. At a fundraiser Sunday, society members told WLOX news that losing this piece of "American" history would be a shame.

Historians guess that the exact site of Fort Maurepas could be a mile from here near Lover's Lane in Ocean Springs, or even underwater. Some nay-sayers say this "replica" fort attracts vandals and is non-historic, therefore should be considered a waste of money.

Mary Lee Terry of the Fort Maurepas Society said, "This is not a waste of money this is our history and we have been lax too long, and the history books don't even have [anything] about Iberville at one time, they had to go back and add it in."

But Iberville's impact on the world can hardly be ignored. In 1699 Pierre Lemoyne Sieur D'Iberville occupied this vast region with just 80 men and one priest. King Louis XIV ordered him to clear the land and claim it for France their military might and strength in all of North America began at Fort Maurepas.

Terry said, "Alabama and Louisiana both have a fort that is manned by the state, and we don't have anything here that's maned by the state, all we have here is volunteers."

If you would like to volunteer your time or energy to the preservation of the fort in Ocean Springs, you can join the Fort Maurepas Society by calling 228-818-9611.