New Adoration Chapel In Long Beach

If you drive by St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Long Beach, you'll notice a few additions. Sunday, Bishop Rodi made some special dedications and blessings at the church.

"I kind of feel like the Lord has given me his Eucharist heart. I've wanted this for a long time," parishoner Sharron Rowe said.

Bishop Rodi celebrated the eleven thirty mass Sunday morning to a standing room only crowd at the church. After mass Bishop Rodi, stood under the crucifix in the new chapel, and used holy water to bless the chapel, as a place of penance, a reminder of our baptism, and a symbol of reconciliation.

"Through our adoration of your son present in the Eucharist lead us with a closer union with the mystery of redemption," Rodi said.

"In the chapel the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and we have a view of the ocean, and a view of nature, so god is present I hope in so many forms," St. Thomas pastor Fr. Louis Lohan said.

The perpetual presence of the Eucharist in the chapel's tabernacle requires that someone by watching over it. More than 500 parish members have signed up to pray one hour each week, watching over the chapel.

"It's going to be open twenty four hours, seven days a week where people can come in, meditate and pray," Lohan said.

And it's not just for church members, but everyone in the community.

"We live in such a busy noisy society that it's going to be a real blessing, 24 hours a day we have a room of prayer where we can come and just be with Jesus," Rodi said.

"We plan to have somebody in there all the time, in prayer, and I think it's a wonderful thing for our community that somebody will be praying constantly, but it is open, open to everybody," Lohan said.

And along with the new chapel St. Thomas also has a new 12 thousand foot parish life center, and a place among the other nine historical landmarks in the city of longbeach.

Cost for the new chapel and life center was $1.8 million. Church leaders say the support from the parish has been outstanding, and they only owe the bank about $200,000.