Local Boy Scouts Scouting For Food

Hunger is a problem that seems a world away. But, unfortunately, it can be found right here in South Mississippi.

That's why the Boy Scouts of Troop 305 in Long Beach went "scouting for food" Saturday afternoon, collecting canned goods for their local food pantry.

Last year, scouts from all over Mississippi collected over 100,000 cans of food. And though that may seem like a lot, it only lasts for a very short time.

This is why the scouts believe donating food is a great way to make a meaningful impact in your community.

"You got to help out somehow and if you can, you gotta be out there doing it. And it's fun, you know, you get to see the community, talk to people. And everybody wants to help out so that's a way that people can help out and they don't have to leave their homes," said Boy Scout Andrew Rudder.

By the end of Saturday afternoon, Troops 305 and 321 of Long Beach collected a combined total of 4,185 pounds of food.

But if you would like to help feed a hungry person, contact your local boy scout troop or food pantry.