St. Martin Family Fears Speeding Cars

Can you imagine living with the hope that the next speeding car that crashes into your home stops before slamming into your child's bedroom? Or how about waking up to a loud boom, to see a car out of control racing toward you as you stand in your front door? That's what the Puzz family in St. Martin lives with every day.

Larry Puzz said, "We woke up about midnight a car that was flying through here. As a matter of fact, you can still see the tracks in the street. He hit this car that parked in a northerly direction, hit it all the way to the east, glanced off the vehicle, wrecked this car backed up and left the scene of the crime."

They also left one of the Puzz's wrecked cars just four feet from their daughter's bedroom window. Rhonda Puzz said, "That's pretty close, and it's very scary."

This is the sixth time a car has lost control and landed in their yard, destroying their grass and smashing their mailbox, which has already been replaced a dozen times.

They have asked Jackson County officials to put up a barricade in front of their home, but the request was denied.

They say they hope something is done before a real tragedy strikes.