Business Community Thanks Reservists

They are ordinary people leading ordinary lives, but when their country calls, they leave to do extraordinary things. On Saturday, the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce hosted a dinner in honor of a group of Air Force Reservists that recently returned from active duty. They're the members of the 403rd security wing. For the past three to six months, some of them have been away from home helping support "Operation Enduring Freedom".

Ken Brown went from patrolling the streets of Gulfport to patrolling southeast Asia.

"It takes a little adjusting when you're used to going to work in your civilian career day to day and then you go with the military for an extended period of time," said Gulfport Police Officer and Air Force reservist Ken Brown. "It takes some adjustment to get used to it."

Getting used to spending months away from home wasn't easy for the 403rd security squadron, their families, or their employers.

Biloxi Police Chief Bruce Dunagan had a total of 11 reservists go on active duty this year.

"You notice the big hole when you lose a number of people like that but on the other side of it everyone of them is very proud them."

A steak dinner with all the trimmings was the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce's way of thanking those who put their lives on hold to serve our nation.

Chief Dunagan says if all his reservists were to be called up at one time, he'd have to find a way to compensate for 33 officers.