Thunder on the Bay...huge success

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -  All eyes kept to the skies as some of the Air Force's most elite pilots wowed the crowds for the two-day Thunder on the Bay Air Show.

"They only appear at about 20 locations around the world and we are their second show this year," says Brigadier General Greg Touhill.

The number of those expected to come exceeded expectations by nearly 15-thousand people.

After a year of intense planning, Keesler marks it as a major success considering so many bases put their hat in the running to hold the event.

"Yesterday, we had over 85-thousand people who came through the gates of Keesler to enjoy the show," says Touhill.

Two hours before the gates closed, the show was already at 50-thousand people and counting.

"We've had folks from as far away as New Jersey come up to us and tell us what a great show we've had. We've had folks from Georgia and Texas come in," says Touhill.

The highlight of the show, no doubt, the Thunderbirds, known for their synchronization, precision and jaw-dropping maneuvers.

"To have the Thunderbirds appear here is great but to have the Army's premier jump team, the Golden Knights here as well that's extremely rare," says Touhill.

Ultimately, Brigadier General Greg Touhill says the success of the show sends a clear message about recovery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"This event sends a signal not only to the base but the whole community that Keesler and the Gulf Coast is back and better than ever."

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