Golden Knights parachute team adds thrill to air show

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The men and women of the United States Army Golden Knights quickly suited up to fly.

"We are going to do a mass exit. It is where all of us get out simultaneously and form a formation in the sky," Laura Dickmeyer said.

Skydiver Drew Starr says he has 1800 jumps under his belt, and he loves the thrill of the job.

"We want to do well. We want to represent the team and the Army. In turn, when we represent the team, we'll then represent every fighting person overseas," Starr said.

The airplane shot 12,000 feet in the air before the big jump. The team members say everytime they step off the plane they get a rush.

"It is an amazing feeling, and it is a unique opportunity," Dickmeyer said.

"It is kind of like the first drop on a roller coaster. Right when you are fresh out there, it's a big gush of wind," Golden Knight Eric Heinsheimer said. "It is very exciting. It probably one of the most exciting jobs I think on the planet."

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