Tax free weekend good, but doesn't go far enough

Mississippi tax payers shopping for clothes this summer to send their children back to school will get some relief. The legislature has passed and the governor has signed a measure that for two days will exempt clothing and shoes that cost less than $100 dollars from the state's seven percent sales tax.

The tax free weekend will take place the last weekend in July. We think the legislature could have gone a little further in helping tax payers. Parents spend a good deal of money each year on school supplies. It would have been nice if the legislature would have included that in the tax free weekend.

But this is a good start for taxpayers especially in these tough economic times. Also we think this will encourage people to shop at home instead of going to Alabama and Louisiana and doing their school shopping. Both of these states already have a tax free weekend. When you see your state legislator, thank him or her for providing you a few extra dollars in your wallet.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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