Pascagoula councilman launches campaign for local businesses

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Think Pascagoula first when you want to shop, eat and play. That's the message Councilman Frank Corder is spreading around town.

He says Pascagoula's sales tax revenue has slipped over the last year, and local spending is the way to fix the problem.

"Given the current economic state, it is significantly lower, a couple hundred thousand dollars lower right now," Corder said about Pascagoula's sales tax revenue. "One thing we have to do locally is to think more consciously before we go buy."

Corder is sending out letters which outline the benefits of spending cash at home, rather than neighboring cities and states.

"When the citizens invest in local businesses, we as a city can provide more amenities, lower our tax burden, and we can strengthen our local economy."

Long time clothing shop owner Joe Stout says the councilman is right on time with this local push. He finds that big chain stores tend to take customers and dollars away from all the mom and pop shops.

"When you shop with a local business, the profits of the business stay here local. A lot of big stores, the profit not only goes out of town, but out of state. Mississippi needs revenue more than ever," Stout said.

Workers at Pascagoula's newest coffee shop, Indulgence, definitely need more cash to flow in to the business. They hope all the promotion will keep their doors open for a long time.

"We are going off of word of mouth instead of advertisement, because advertisement is so expensive. The foundation of our survival for the business is the community," employee Jared Fagan said.

Councilman Corder plans to team up with city leaders to create "shop local" bumper stickers and signs for different businesses to attract more citizens and tourists.

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