Habitat leader prepares to leave South Mississippi

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A key player for Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is preparing for a new journey.

Kent Adcock has served as the director of government and community relations for Habitat for Humanity. Now, after more than three years, Adcock is ending his journey in South Mississippi.

One by one by one, new Habitat Homes are lining the streets of South Mississippi communities. The commitment from the non profit is undeniable.

"I believe in a person's life there are some points of destiny and, at least for me, this has been one of those points destiny," said Adcock.

Adcock was working with Habitat for Humanity in Maryland prior to Hurricane Katrina. His parents were living in Gulfport. Their home was destroyed in the storm.

But instead of just helping his family, he decided to also help the rest of South Mississippi.

"I went back to Maryland and I called Habitat International and said, 'Hey, whatever you do in recovery, include me in that process,'" Adcock said.

Three years later, there are more than 300 new Habitat Homes in South Mississippi. Dozens more have been rehabilitated.

Now Adcock is ending his journey on the coast to begin a new one in Washington.

"Some of the same challenges that we face here on affordable housing are present in the nation's capital," Adcock said. "So I will take some of the things I've learned here and employ them there."

He will now serve as President for Habitat for Humanity's Washington, D.C. Chapter.

While his opportunities are endless, he says leaving the coast won't be easy.

"Anytime you have invested yourself the way people have here, it's difficult to say goodbye," Adcock said.

Adcock is leaving the coast this month. There is no word yet on his replacement.

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