St. Martin community cleans up mess after devastating storm

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) -  It's hard for Charles Graham to part with his favorite pair of pants or any of the belongings sitting on his front lawn. But he says he has no other choice after flood waters drenched everything.

"It looked like Lake Pontchartrain, water everywhere. I am pretty devastated," Graham said.

It's a pain felt by Graham's neighbors, Lori and Helen Keebler. The mother and daughter say water ruined all their wood flooring and carpet, even a car.

"Terrible. It is mess, it is a big mess," Lori Keebler said.

The messy situation was made a little better when the Salvation Army showed up.

"Hey, I am Captain Andy Collette. Sorry about your loss and all the damage you have taken.  We are here to help you out," Collette said.

Captain Collette and case workers are going door to door assessing the needs of storm victims in Jackson County, so they can quickly meet that need.  Salvation Army officials point out it will be challenging, because the rain washed out countless neighborhoods across the county.

"Even if we start the recovery, intense recovery, it will take days or weeks to make it all go away," Collette said. "This is scary event for people, and we want them to know there is someone who is there for them."

The helping hand is very much appreciated.

"That is what makes the world go around, people helping people," Graham said.

As the clean up goes on, everyone is now watching the weather closely, hoping they won't have to go through this a second time.

"We don't need no more water in the house," Keebler said.

Salvation Army officials say they helped 100 families in St. Martin Tuesday. Workers will also be going to areas in east Jackson County.

If you live in the county and need assistance, call the Salvation Army in Pascagoula at (228) 762-7222.

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