Sand bags provide barrier against more flooding in South Mississippi

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS  (WLOX) -  Flood weary residents in South Mississippi are busy bracing for another round of heavy rainfall.

Neighbors who took water in their homes over the weekend are worried about more high water threatening their property. That's why many began making preparations in advance of the latest wave of wet weather.

Many residents flooded by those heavy rains just a few days ago are preparing their homes.

Sand bags can provide a basic barrier of protection from high water.  And we found plenty of people picking them up.

"Out here today just filling up some sand bags. Preparing for this next rainfall," said Mike Floyd as he filled another sand bag Tuesday morning.

Floyd is the maintenance man for an apartment complex.  He's taking advantage of the do-it-yourself sand bags offered at the Harrison County work center.

"Last rain that came in, we got a little rain, got a little water. So, this time we're going to try to be prepared. Make sure it don't happen again if we can," he said.

A contraption called the "Sand bagger" helps D'Iberville city workers fill hundreds of sand bags.

"It's got four pedals. Four different chutes. You load the top up with the sand and you got a guy underneath with the bags," said public works employee Eddie Fallo.

As skies threaten, residents pick up sand bags as fast as city crews can load them.

"We're only allowing ten at a time right now. You can come back in about an hour," Fallo told home owners who stopped for sand bags.

Frank Broussard took some home, hoping to avoid a repeat of Saturday.

"No fun when you put your feet down on the ground and you've got water," said Broussard.

The soaked carpet from inside his Gable Street home is still stacked alongside the street.

"That carpet, about that thick you know. And it was saturated. And we had to move all that out. And it was heavy," he said.

Around the corner, the high water line is still visible on Sue Ladnier's front door.

"This whole everything was underwater Saturday morning.  And we had to wait until Saturday afternoon to get back, for the water to recede so we could get in," said Ladnier.

A giant fan blow dries belongings in her living room.  The weekend water marks the ninth time her home has flooded.

"And I'm trying to call to find out what we can do about it. And nobody seems to know. It's ridiculous," she said.

The sand bag team will help with flood prevention.

"We're here 'til seven tonight if you need more," said Fallo, as he loaded another truck with ten sand bags.

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