Jackson County bears brunt of strong storm

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The recent heavy rains left an awful mess in the Franklin Creek community. Many neighborhoods look more like lakes.

"We have no power because we had to shut power off. We have no water," Grace Krauzyk said.

"I got a mess.  All I want to do is get away from it," Richard Krauzyk said about the neighborhood. "I don't care to live here no more."

Flood waters soaked Krauzyk's home. Now he's making plans to move to higher ground.

"Pretty much every room in my house went underwater."

The high water also made it impossible for cars to pass through. Neighbors were forced to use a small canoe to get around.

"The last time I saw water come in like this was during Hurricane Georges. Katrina put the water in here, but it didn't put as much water in here," Krauzyk said.

Jackson County Board of Supervisor's President Manly Barton represents this area. He says all the major rivers in the area are linked to Franklin Creek.

"A lot of that water comes out of Alabama and it ends up in the Escatawpa River, which ends up in the Pascagoula River.  As those rivers rise, Franklin Creek is stifled from run-off," Barton said.

"Expect the worse and prepare for the worse, Franklin in particular. I think the water is still rising."

That's not good news for aggravated neighbors ready for this nightmare to end.

"It needs to go down. It needs to so we can start on the clean up process to get the mess cleaned up," Grace Krauzyk said.

"It is nothing we can do about it, but I don't like to see my neighborhood underwater," Jerrod Price said.

Jackson County officials say more than 120 homes are flooded across the county.

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