River waters flood Hurley homes along the Escatawpa

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

HURLEY, MS  (WLOX) -  Jackson County residents who live along the Escatawpa River in Hurley are paying close attention to the forecast. They're worried that more rainfall could add to the flooding misery in their neighborhood.

Even though the water level has been dropping, several homes remain underwater.

"Y'all be careful!" shouted Tabitha Buckley, as she slowly drove her jacked-up Bronco with the giant tires down Red Bluff Road.

Hers is among few vehicles still able to navigate a street that is more river than road.

"This house to the right has got about eight to ten inches of water," she said, pointing to another home surrounded by river water.

She guides us through a neighborhood that's been mostly swallowed by flood waters from the Escatawpa River.

"I'm on the high side of the road over here," said Linda Kittress, "Luckily, yeah!"

She's a longtime river resident who's seen it this bad before, but that was years ago.

"This is plenty bad enough. We've had a lot more people moved in here that are affected by this. The new houses, we've got at least seven or eight that are flooded," said Kittrell.

"You need a ride?" said Buckley, to a man walking through waist deep water.

Throughout our ride, Tabitha Buckley offered to help her flood struck neighbors.

"I'm fixing to go haul some more people out in a few minutes. So, I'll be in and out all day," she said.

John Craig's home is surrounded.

"Me and my wife went to Food Tiger grocery and when we come back I just barely did make it in.  And then there was no way I could make it back out, because all this was flooded," said Craig.

With the prediction of more rain, Craig is expecting some uneasy hours ahead.

"Watching the water level to make sure it don't come up in the house, and just trying to keep stuff as dry as we can," said Craig.

We found Amy Graham clutching bags of belongings and heading for higher ground.  She couldn't say enough about good Samaritan Tabitha Buckley.

"She has gotten us in and out. I'm telling you, she's like a hero. Because a lot of people, it's sad," said Graham.

"Nice to be on the river and be able to enjoy it.  But it gets a little rough, like this," said Kittrell.

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