Patrice shares tips & tricks that have helps her shed pounds

Patrice's everyday rituals to help lose weight

  1. Water - Drink eight glasses or more. It's great for your body and complexion.
  2. Cereal - Pick low sugar cereals, and don't indulge!
  3. Bananas - I love fruit.
  4. Spinach Salad - You can eat it as a side or meal.
  5. Gum - Surprise!!! It is great appetite suppresser. Make sure it's low in sugar.
  6. Milk - It does a body good. I like Soy milk, but low fat and skim milk are also excellent choices.
  7. Vegetables - Broccoli is my favorite. Remember the greener the better.

Patrice's  No-Nos

  1. Fried Food - I go grilled!!! It's just as good and less greasy.
  2. Bread - Have a slice or two, but don't eat it with every meal.
  3. Candy - Delicious, but not good for the waist. Too sugary.
  4. Mayonnaise - I'm not a fan at all.
  5. Soft Drinks - Empty calories. I usually go for zero sugar drinks.
  6. Pizza - Too much fat.

Patrice's tips for making workouts fun

  1. Invite friends along to exercise. Extra people help the time go by fast and it's more enjoyable.
  2. Crank your tunes. Music gives you motivation to push harder during workouts.
  3. Switch it up. Don't do the same exercise every day. Think of new routines; for example, walk in the park one day and pop in an exercise CD another day.
  4. New workout threads. Getting a new exercise suit makes you look good and feel good about yourself.
  5. Pace yourself. Don't try to do too much at one time. Make it fun, not boot camp.

Patrice's dining out tips

  1. Look for heart healthy specials. A lot of restaurants have special menus for dieters.
  2. Salad - Ask to put dressings on the side, so you can control your portions.
  3. Soup - It can serve as a great appetizer to a meal or as an entree. Most soups are low in calories and will fill you up.
  4. Baked, grilled, broiled, or steamed meats have less fat and are generally lower in calories.
  5. Whole grain foods - Whole-wheat bread, pasta, as well as dishes made with brown rice.

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