Boat capsizes, people unharmed

By Jeff Lawson - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Jimmy Howell's lives in Beards Cove. It flooded Saturday. The flood waters didn't surprise Howell, but what he saw when he looked outside did.

"I happened to be out on my porch and saw the boat bobbing," Howell said.

That boat Howell had spotted was a skiff that had capsized. In the distance, Howell could also see some people swimming toward shore.

"They swam back from the northside to this point, just behind this point right here," Howell said as he gestured about 100 feet away.

But for a short time, no one knew where those people were. Then, a call came in, and all six people were safe and back on land. They were cold and wet, but otherwise not too bad.

When the home they were in began to flood, they moved their car and got into the skiff. Then, the waves took over.

They described how the the wind took over the skiff, and they realized they couldn't get back.

"It (the wind) kept tipping us over. It was the two of us and two other guys, so we had to swim all the way to the house. And the guy would have to flip it because it fillled with water," said one of the girls.

But they only had one paddle.

"So we are like, we can't do this anymore. We have to swim to shore," she said.

Medical crews checked out the boaters. Fortunately, everyone was okay.

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