West Jackson County neighbors cleaning up a soggy mess

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS  (WLOX) -  Neighbors who live on Anderson Drive in West Jackson County spent the day Saturday mopping up their flooded homes.

Much of the neighborhood off Big Ridge Road was underwater overnight.

"There's a good clear water line right there," said Wayne Touchet, pointing to the visible line along his hallway wall.

Touchet didn't plan on spending this Saturday mopping up the house. But throughout his neighborhood on Anderson Drive, residents were cleaning up and comparing high water  marks.

"13 inches of water. I don't know what kind of damage. I haven't even assessed it yet. I've been trying to clean up and trying to get the water up," said Touchet.

"For two hours we stood in water, for two hours. And the lady next door has small kids, so the fire department came looking for them," said his wife, Sharon Touchet, "Very scary, very scary   because I didn't get water from Katrina."

"I'm not the only one with flood problems around this area. There's about 12 or 13 houses in this are that get some kind of water in in from this ditch," said Wayne Touchet.

Kevin Raboteaux's house also got soaked by the flood water.

"If you come here, you can get a really good shot. I left my laptop in the bottom of that drawer. I'm hoping it can come back," said Raboteaux. "I had my place looking neat. I mean it's nothing expensive in here. But it was just, my home is precious to me. It's all I got."

He and his neighbors will spend this weekend cleaning up a very unwelcome mess.

"Heart breaking!" he exclaimed.

"And I looked out my front door. It was right next to my stoop on my door. And I said, well we're going to get water. There wasn't anything I could do then," said Touchet.

"And this is not a flood zone, so we have no flood insurance," added his wife.

Neighbors along Anderson Drive blame a clogged drainage ditch for making matters worse. Some say they've complained about the ditch for years.

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