Firefighters make high water rescue in West Jackson County

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JACKSON COUNTY, MS  (WLOX) -  Firefighters in West Jackson County kept busy with a high water rescue early Saturday morning. They waded into a flooded neighborhood to evacuate two families with young children. West Jackson County firefighters waded through waist high water, rescuing two families with young children.

"I heard somebody call my name. They say Helen! So, about that time, when I jumped up, my feet hit the water. And I looked down, and there was just water everywhere. And so I went to where the kids was and started waking everyone up," said Helen Batey.

Tony Wechselberger was one of the firefighters who made the rescue.

"Mainly we went down with a couple of volunteers here at the station, and we went as far as we could with the truck. We had to get out, and we walked on foot the rest of the way in waist high deep water," he explained, "We had them pass the kids out through the window, and we carried them back to the truck."

Getting her children and grandchildren to safety was Helen Batey's biggest concern. They spent the rest of the night in the fire station.

"Rescued us and they got the babies. And I had one baby and each of them had a baby. And we had to walk all the way to the fire truck and then got in," she said.

The flood waters made a mess of her home; the high water marks clearly visible throughout the residence.

"Water was just coming in real fast. Real fast," she recalled.

Several homes on Anderson Drive flooded in the heavy overnight rains. West Jackson County firefighters say it's the first high water rescue they've done since Katrina.

"We got called out to one house and all the way down the street we just saw porch lights flashing. So, we just started heading that way," said Wechselberger.

"Thank God for them. They was a blessing!" said Batey.

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