Residents Complain Of Speeding On Lorraine Road

Residents of the Brentwood Subdivision, in Gulfport, want to thank the Mississippi Department of Transportation for the new racetrack they built. That's their name for the new Lorraine Road. Residents are concerned that speeding, poor lighting, a lack of proper signals, and improper speeding limits will cause a major catastrophe on the new four lane road.

"Right now the speed limit is 45, I'm doing 45, and you can see that people are passing me, and it's raining," Brentwood subdivision resident Bill Marshall said.

Marshall drives on this road everyday, and he wants to prevent a future accident.

"People take some chances sometimes looking for an opening in traffic coming towards us and there's going to be a bad accident out here someday," Marshall said.

"It is bad. I'm just waiting for a wreck to happen out there, the lighting, the turn lights and everything else, and the speed, it's getting dangerous," Brentwood subdivision resident Lee Witt said.

Noticing the danger is the easy part. Getting people to change their bad habits, is what residents say is the hard part.

"We're trying to get them to slow down, they won't slow down, and there's nothing we can do about it because if you argue with them, they're going to get out of the car and shoot at you," Brentwood subdivision resident Charles Brown said.

The intersection into Brentwood, residents say is the rush for the daredevil drivers. You can speed up when the light turns yellow or just run the red light and dodge around the cross traffic.

"When it turns green I hesitate, look both ways, because I know somebody's gonna run it," Witt said.

Residents hope they'll run into more police, who can turn the 'Lorraine Road Raceway' back into just Lorraine Road.

Since October 11, Lorraine Road has been a four lane highway from I-10 to Bernard Bayou.