Violent weather hits Pascagoula neighborhoods

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It's not clear yet whether the storm that tore through Pascagoula early this morning was a tornado or a microburst. Weather experts will determine that later.

Whatever you call the violent weather, it left a path of destruction and some people who are grateful it wasn't any worse.

"About 5:20 am, I was laying in my bed and heard the loudest thing," Jennifer Jones recalled.

Jones and her three sons are certain that noise was a tornado sweeping through their Pascagoula neighborhood.

"It sounded like someone dropped an atomic bomb," Hunter Jones said about the storm.

"Normal people say it sounds like a freight train, but it didn't really sound like that. It sounded like people were trying to wreck our house," the youngest son, Parker Jones, said.

Hours after the storm passed, the family was still visibly shaken. They say the twister shattered the house windows, ripped the fence, and overturned just about all the patio furniture.

Emergency Management Director Donald Langham spent all Thursday morning investigating the damage and scattered debris.

"There are some houses with some tree limbs damage, a few shingles blown off, and fencing down," Langham said.

When asked if he thought a tornado touched down, Langham said, "There is a good possibility. It looks like it may have been a small one."

The storm also beat up on the Pascagoula School District's baseball and softball complex. The damage at the park is widespread.

"It is pretty bad because we are in the middle of baseball season. We have to replace our scoreboard. We have to replace our outfield fence, our fence at the softball field," Pascagoula School District Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich said.

The price tag for this damage is more than $100,000. Superintendent Rodolfich says he wants the complex fixed as soon as possible, so kids can have a place to play again.

"I hope we can get it repaired in the week."

Now the community is left to clean up another of Mother Nature's messes.

"Were still not finished from Katrina. Now it's just like you are starting all over again," Jennifer Jones said.

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