Follow Jackson County's example

Some may call it politics but Jackson County Tax Assessor Benny Goff says it is the right thing to do. We are talking about the Tax Assessor office doing a partial tax adjustment.

No doubt many home prices in Jackson County have fallen since the most recent appraisal. Many residents have complained they are paying taxes based on home prices that soared after Hurricane Katrina hit the coast in 2005.

Goff says they will look at what houses sold for in neighborhoods in 2008 and use this to complete the partial tax adjustment. If the sale price for homes in a neighborhood went down last year, you might see your property tax bill go down. However, Goff warns that in some parts of Jackson County residents might even see higher tax prices because of escalating home price sales.

We applaud the tax assessor for his willingness to take on this project to help the tax paying residents of Jackson County. Now the supervisors could really help tax payers if they would look at the mileage rate once again and lower it to a neutral gain. Collect just enough money to run the county government and give the taxpayers a few more dollars in their pocket.

We urge all counties in South Mississippi to look at what Jackson County has done and follow suit.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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