Ocean Springs Church Remembers Soldiers Who Didn't Make It Home

On the Sunday before Veterans day, many South Mississippi residents are honoring those who fought for our country and were lost. At Grace Independent Baptist Church in Ocean Springs the reflection brought military from all over to share their stories including one man who experienced September 11th inside the Pentagon. One by one veterans and active duty members of the military told their stories of where they'd been and what they'd seen.

K.C. Mosley fought in World War II. He "saw a lot in the servicemen drop dead, shot dead. One with his head ripped across with a cable."

Grace Independent Baptist Church celebrated the lives of those who fought on the battle fields. Some of the veterans didn't come home to an appreciative America and some didn't come home at all. For them, the church put up a coffin.

"By having the casket and having the flag draped over it and having the Marines fold that flag, we want to remember those who didn't come back," said Reverend Ed Becker.

The military men and women say they are also soldiers for God. Retiring Air Force Surgeon General Paul Carlton said when the terrorist rammed a plane into the Pentagon divine intervention had already prepared his medical team.

Retired General Paul Carlton said "We had in May, three months before, practiced this attack. We had practiced it as an air liners hits the Pentagon because it loses and engine on take off from Ronald Reagan [Airport] less than a mile away."

The September 11th attacks were just a little more a year ago but Reverend Becker already says people are starting to let it and our nation's veterans fade from their memories.

"Lots of times they're just folks that are forgotten," said .Becker. "They're old. They're past their prime and just kind of cast aside and we're trying to say 'We're not forgetting. We're here because you've been willing to give and we don't' want to forget that."

Retiring Surgeon General Paul Carlton says the initial plan was for him to fly to a safe, secret location to be with Vice President Cheney. However on September 11th, he chose to stay and help the wounded instead. Carlton now works as a homeland security advisor.