Veterans Day Parade Rolls Through Biloxi

Monday is Veteran's Day, and the coast is already celebrating. In tribute to veterans of the past and present, flags were flying high Saturday as the 3rd annual national veterans parade, rolled through Biloxi.

The parade was designed to help us all remember the service of these brave men and women.

A seamlessly endless parade of all branches of the military paraded east down highway ninety.

"Leading the parade the united states marine corp, the two assault amphibian vehicles and two hum-V's," master of ceremonies Jeff Lawson said.

"While the drummer's drum crashed, or the sailors foot stomped, or the marching band's song rang out one group of veterans put their hand over their heart, while taking their cap off, saluting the flag and their fellow Americans in uniform.

"I think to recognize these people is something really appropriate, and it's a part of history and they should not let it die," veteran Rudy Dill said.

"We went over there and sacrificed our lives for that flag," veteran John Parent said.

"This is for the veterans, and you know it's unfortunate sometimes that veterans have to get together to celebrate veterans, but on the other hand who knows better," Veterans Parade director Dick Wilson said.

Our veterans are very special people, we owe them so much. They are the reason we are here today. They are the reason that the United States of America is the envy of the world," Biloxi mayor A.J. Holloway said.

As citizens envied our troops on the ground, high above in the sky spectators gazed at the stars in the sky. American stars, on the wings of our roaring freedom defenders.

"I think there's a resurgence of patriotism among the young people, I see it even my own great grand children," Dill said.

This year's route was a mile longer than last year.

The city of Biloxi estimates that about ten thousand people came out to see the parade.