Space Shuttle Engine Test Firing At Stennis

Hundreds of people gathered at NASA's Stennis Space Center Friday afternoon. Many of them carrying video cameras and binoculars.

They posed for pictures with astronaut Dominic Antonelli and watched a demonstration with NASA engineer Christine Powell.

Kids and adults got a boost out of it, but that wasn't the main draw for these folks.They were looking for something more.

"I expect to see a lot of action," said Andrew Simms of Lafayette, Louisiana.

And that's exactly what they got...

The public was invited to experience the shake, rattle, and roar of a night test of one of the Space Shuttle Main Engines. One engine delivers as much horsepower as 28 trains. And it take three engines to launch a shuttle into orbit... People were amazed by the sights, the sounds, and the vibrations of this 8 minute reliability test.

For the first time ever, the public was also able to view the engine test live on the Internet.

And if you missed the live test, you can still experience the thrill through video and photographs. Just log on to the Stennis website at and catch the action all over again.