Library Expansion Long Overdue

Jennifer Pierce and her two year old son, Jared, visit the Popps Ferry Branch of the Biloxi library at least once a week. Pierce says she's looking forward to coming to a much bigger library next year.

"Hopefully they'll have a bigger selection, more kids books because with three kids we've gone through a lot of books here," says Pierce.

When the library opened 20 years ago it was big enough to serve an area that was still considered mostly rural. But now the library is feeling the affects of a huge population explosion north of the city and the opening of two schools.

Librarian Charline Longino says, "When we built this library we anticipated it to be an after school library with one person out here to help the kids after school. Well there are four full time people out here now and as you can see just looking around we're very, very crowded. As a matter of fact we tell the librarians you want a new book, you have to take an old one off the shelf to make room."

The library staff already has plans for the extra space. There will be more room for book sales and programs for both children and adults. The staff says doubling in size will help keep up with a growing demand for more library services.

Construction on the new addition is expected to start before the end of the year.