More Mississippi troops to deploy by year's end

By WLOX Staff

CAMP SHELBY, MS (WLOX) - Thousands of Mississippi troops are expected to begin serving in Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of the year. The state Adjutant General says 4,500 National Guard troops are expected to deploy before the end of year. Hundreds of troops are already serving tours of duty.

"We have the 155 armored brigade which is at Camp Shelby now doing annual training. They will mobilize on or about one May, and they'll take with them about 3,500 people," General William L. Freeman, Mississippi Adjutant General, said. "We have seven other units that I mentioned earlier, that will be deploying between now and August. We want them to train to standard and come to Camp Shelby or wherever they're assigned to go mobilize. They'll train to standard, and then they'll go into harm's way in Iraq or Afghanistan."

One happy note to report, dozens of soldiers from the 890th Engineer Battalion who had been serving in Iraq returned to Camp Shelby on Saturday.

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