Group is 'Focused' on Moss Point youth

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX)- The scene at Medi Mart Pharmacy Saturday appeared to be a regular run-of-the-mill yard sale. Dollar shirts, an array of ladies' shoes and plenty of toys all drew crowds of people in search of a bargain. Some of them may not have known that their good deals were going to a great cause, at least for Moss Point residents.

The sale was orchestrated by a group called "Focus." They're dedicated to bettering Moss Point. Their latest project is funding a grant-writing class for 15 high school students. The group will teach students how to write their own health and wellness grant for the city. The class is a first and not just for Moss Point.

"First time in history in the state of Mississippi, and maybe even for other states, for high schools students to be writing a grant, being professionally trained to write a grant," said Focus Program Coordinator Charlotte Richardson.

"I hope to gain the skills and be able to put it on our resumes, and the knowledge of just knowing how to do and then knowing it will help our community," said Moss Point Senior Kayla Martin.

Focus hopes giving these skills to Moss Point's future leaders will help the city gain more funding for a brighter tomorrow.

Focus Co-Chair John A. Boyd said, "The reason we want to focus on Moss Point, is the fact that you have Pascagoula and Escatawpa that are flourishing. And it seems like Moss Point has been left out of the picture. So we want to bring awareness back to Moss Point; that they have brilliant minds. And they're trying to leave, and we're trying to focus it. So it'll stay here."

Richardson said the grant-writing and all the Focus projects are meant to empower the entire community to action.

"As citizens of Moss Point, we need to realize the importance of volunteering your time, instead of sitting back and looking at what needs to be done and complaining about it," Richardson said. "We all need to get on board, be concerned enough to get out there and do what we can do to contribute to Moss Point."

Grant-writing classes will be held next Wednesday and Thursday. The group said if they don't have the funds for the class by then, they will pay out of their own pockets.

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