Bridgetender: "I started shaking and praying"

By WLOX Staff

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Marge Johnson, a bridgetender for 21 years, is still trying to calm her nerves after Friday morning's accident on the Popp's Ferry Bridge.

Johnson was the only person on the bridge when the barge struck it. With the draw up and a 150 foot section of the bridge in the water, Johnson was stranded. It took rescue crews about an hour to get her back to dry land.

WLOX's Brad Kessie was there as a visibly upset Johnson stepped off the rescue boat.

"Very scary. I'm still shaking," Johnson told WLOX News.

"I had opened up the bridge for the barges to come through. All of a sudden I saw that he wasn't going to make that turn there, and he was just coming at the bridge," Johnson said. "And then I started shaking and praying that he wouldn't take the house out."

Johnson's vehicle was the only one knocked into the water.

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