Clearing Starts For Popps Ferry Causeway Park

One man's walk through nature was interrupted by a dump truck's drive toward progress. The usually peaceful sounds along Biloxi's Popps Ferry Causeway were disturbed by a hungry chain saw. Harrison County work crews cut down tree limbs and pushed aside dirt that cluttered the south end of the causeway.

Biloxi parks director Nathan Sullivan said the city and the county were working together to prepare the site for future development . "It's just a unique place," Sullivan said, referring to the causeway. "And we hope to do some things ultimately that might help tell the story of Back Bay."

The story of this 10 acre piece of land still doesn't have an ending. Biloxi bought Popps Ferry Causeway two years ago for $650,000. The concept was to spruce it up, so families and boaters could enjoy some panoramic views of the Back Bay. But the concept hasn't materialized into an actual working plan yet. What the Popps Ferry Causeway eventually looks like is the one chapter that still needs to be written.

"The first thing we're going to take care of are the activities that presently occur here," Sullivan said. "And that's largely fishing, walking and jogging, and cycling."

Alfred Rath launches his fishing boat from the Popps Ferry Causeway. So he's interested in changes that could enhance the area. "It sure would be an improvement," Rath said, as he pulled his boat onto a trailer. "It really would."

This week's clearing work caught Mike Cagle's attention. Normally the Biloxi man drives onto the causeway to launch his boat into the Back Bay. This visit was a curiosity stop. "I saw construction crews starting and I wasn't sure what the time schedule was for when it was beginning," Cagle said from his car. "But it looks like they're on the road with it."

Today the road had clearing trucks on it. Park builders won't arrive until next spring.