Jackson County supervisor fights for money to fix roads

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX)- Road improvements needed in St. Martin are causing some dispute between one Jackson County supervisor and members of the board.

District Four Supervisor Tommy Brodnax wants money for roadwork near St. Martin East Elementary School, but he says the board hasn't been supportive.

"At all three St. Martin campuses, we have traffic problems and inadequate roads," Brodnax said.

Brodnax said Money Farm and Rose Farm Roads need widening and shoulders.

"In 1997, I had plans done to improve this road," Brodnax said. "Whenever one supervisor has plans for his area and he gets unelected, so to speak, then the plans change. Our focus hasn't been on improving the rural area in the county."

Brodnax said what concerns him the most is that his fellow board members are focusing tax payer dollars on miscellaneous projects, but many times district four is skipped over.

"Like millions of dollars for soccer complexes, and tennis courts, and splash pads and stuff like that. But we have a problem when it comes to doing road improvements. That has been my argument all along that we need to redirect our thinking."

Board President Manly Barton thinks Brodnax has it all wrong. Barton said the board does support Brodnax's vision for district four, and the Road Farm project is part of the county's infrastructure plan.

"We have started the project. We have some things going on right now that will eventually lead to that road being improved," Barton said.

Barton said road repair is a top priority in the county. In fact, the board has earmarked about $14 million for road improvements this fiscal year.

"We have a number of very large projects, multi-million dollar projects," Barton said.

"Hopefully we are going to get something done," Brodnax said.

Brodnax said he would like a new parking area built for teachers and parents at St. Martin East Elementary School. Board President Manly Barton said the board has hired someone to conducted a survey for the Money Farm Road Project.

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