Fair housing training for domestic violence victims

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As a part of women's history month, The Gulf Coast Fair Housing Center is raising awareness about the housing options available for victims of domestic violence.

"People often think this is an issue just for black women or just for Asian women or just for poor women, but celebrities can be affected. And the best thing that can happen is to open the dialogue," said Charmel Gaulden, executive director with GCFHC.

From evictions to other discriminatory practices, Gaulden says some domestic violence victims are experiencing unfair housing treatment.

Rosa Herrin attended the session on behalf of El Pueblo, an organization that works with the South Mississippi Hispanic and Latino population.

"They have come to us during the day, when their spouses are at work, and share their stories with us. And then we are like, 'Wow, they are in a domestic violence situation,'" said Herrin.

Now that the community leaders are equipped with the knowledge and the know-how, they hope to better serve those who find themselves in a domestic dispute.

For more information on Fair Housing, you can call the Gulf Coast Fair Housing Center at (228) 396-4008

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