Mississippi Most Generous State To Charity

Mississippi has once again come out on top of the list of the most giving states in the nation. According to Catalogue for Philanthropy, people in our state give a lot of money to charities even though we make much less money than people in other parts of the country.

Don Moore coordinates volunteers for Back Bay Mission in Biloxi. More than half of his agency's budget comes from donated funds. He says Mississippians don't close our eyes to the need, because we all need help sometime in our lives.

"When people themselves, generally are hurting, and are familiar with hurt, somehow or another that just opens their heart up more," Back Bay Mission Coordinator Don Morgan said.

For the fifth time Mississippi ranks first place in the country when it comes to charitable contributions. The ranking is calculated by dividing the money we make, by how much we give.

"Because the most need is here, people are more aware of the need, and are closer to the needs and therefore they feel a little more willing to give," Morgan said.

"I don't know what southern hospitality means, but you sure do feel it here," Sue Reed from the Boys and Girls Club said.

Reed said people care more about their fellow citizens, here, than anywhere else in the country. It's your support that keeps organizations, like hers, growing strong.

"We've got a lot of work to do here Boys and Girls Clubs and other community service organizations across the coast, and it's going to take all of us as a community do to that," Reed said.

"As far as resources, are concerned, we may be one the poorest states in the country, but in reality we are rich, in the fact that we are willing to share and to help one another," Morgan said.

Last year, Americans gave a total of $212 billion to charity.

For a complete list of how all 50 states compared, you can go to the Catalogue for Philanthropy web site by clicking here.