Rain Can't Dampen Election Day In Mississippi

Right after the polls opened, some precincts had 10 to 15 minute lines, as people waited to cast ballots.

Then at about 10:00, a line of storms streaked across South Mississippi.

Lee Bruni sat in a lawn chair. Despite the rain, she never moved. She simply hid under her blue umbrella.

"It's pretty cozy under here," Bruni laughed. "I'm not getting wet."

Bruni said had a responsibility to her candidate. So there she sat -- alone in front of a Bayou View precinct -- protected by her umbrella, encouraged by her resolve. She said she braved the rain "to support my dear friend running for chancery court place four judge."

Persistent rain didn't keep determined voters from their polling places. "No, no, no," a female voter said, "rain or shine, we vote."

Some voters came out to support judicial candidates. Others took on the confederate battle flag. John Turner voted in a north Gulfport box.

"I'm going to go on in here and cast my vote," he said. "Come on out here and go home and cook dinner for the old lady."

Sheila Walker had the flu. So the rain could have been the perfect excuse to stay in bed. Instead, she put on her slippers, drove to her polling place, and participated in the election.

"I have my opinion," Walker said. "I had to vote."

Campaign mudslinging left some voters with a bitter taste in their mouths. But in Woolmarket, it was mud -- and not the mudslinging -- that made election day a bit messy. Without a paved parking lot at the Howard Creek precinct, voters had to tiptoe through puddles and mud before they could vote. Despite the rain, precinct manager Margie Taylor said turnout was strong.

"We've had a real good turnout. More than usual," she said.