WLOX Editorial: Coastal MS, the Secret Coast

Early tourism numbers are already looking up for 2019. We hope these changes will push visitation even higher improving the economy for all of South Mississippi.

  WLOX Editorial: Support the First Responders’ Bill

The First Responders' Bill making its way through the state legislature is a good bill.

  WLOX Editorial: Stop phone number spoofing in our state

There's a federal law prohibiting the phone number spoofing, but no such state law. Now the lawmakers in Jackson are moving to enact a state law so local and state agencies can go after these criminals as well.

WLOX Editorial: The Feds owe the damages

The state wants 25 million dollars in damages for the school districts affected. We agree. The Feds owe the damages.

  WLOX Editorial: Do it the right way

Drug dealers and traffickers should have their illegally gotten property taken. But do it the right way.

  WLOX Editorial: Bills promoting transparency in government just make sense

We agree with recent efforts in the Mississippi Legislature for a more open and transparent government.

  WLOX Editorial: Fewer tests, more learning for Mississippi students

Mississippi teachers are saying it and we agree. Teaching students how to take and pass too many tests is taking too much class time away from real learning.

  WLOX Editorial: Enviva Plant an economic boost for George, Jackson counties

Trees growing in South Mississippi will soon help make the lights come on in parts of Europe. That’s good news for Europeans and good news for Jackson and George counties.

  WLOX Editorial: Unusual heroes

Nobody saw the crash. Nobody heard the crash. 76-year-old Corrine Palmer was alone, needing help, and no one knew where she was.

  WLOX Editorial: Making it Home for the Holidays

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has a new Christmas initiative called "Making it Home for the Holidays."

  WLOX Editorial: Lawmakers face many issues this next legislative session

We hope our lawmakers will work hard to continue to improve Mississippi next year and not just work hard to get re-elected.

  WLOX Editorial: Thank you for making the world better

We hear about many bad things that happen in our world and sometimes in our communities. But we contend there's a whole lot more good things happening.

  WLOX Editorial: State, federal health care improving

Health care in Mississippi is getting better for those who can least afford medical bills.

  WLOX Editorial: Significant improvements at State Crime Lab

The Mississippi State Crime Lab is doing better on its backlog of cases, and we are glad to see it. One improvement is significant since it involves shooting cases.

  WLOX Editorial: Creating true prison reform

While the President's visit last week to South Mississippi was for the most part a political rally, there was some attention drawn to prison reform with a round table discussion in Gulfport.

  WLOX Editorial: Celebrating the Port of Gulfport

The Port of Gulfport is hitting a significant milestone this week.

  WLOX Editorial: Remember your pets

If you are a pet owner, be responsible. And for those of you who are already responsible and want to help, the Humane Society could use donations as it deals with so many abandoned pets.

  WLOX Editorial: Shop local this holiday season

As you spend your dollars, we ask that you consider shopping locally.

  WLOX Editorial: Help feed the needy

Thanksgiving evokes memories, we remember the traditions long carried on by families.

  WLOX Editorial: Restoring our natural resources will help the coast economy

More restoration projects were just announced for the BP Money from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the gulf.Additional spending is $37.8 million.

  WLOX Editorial: We applaud the effort to improve the look of beach storm drains

Work will soon begin on covering a few of those unsightly storm drain pipes on our coast beaches.

  WLOX Editorial: We hope Biloxi leaders learned their lesson

The city of Biloxi is on its way to borrowing $14 million for infrastructure projects. The money will go to storm drainage, street repairs and other projects. There is no doubt the work is sorely needed.

  WLOX Editorial: Exercise the real power and vote

You can go to your voting precinct on Tuesday and quietly exercise the real power and vote.

  WLOX Editorial: Glad the federal efforts in this case didn’t stop with convictions

We are glad to see that the federal efforts in the former Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps corruption case didn't stop with the criminal convictions and jail time.

WLOX Editorial: We commend school leaders for acting quickly

It's unfortunate that we live in a time when we must be prepared for the possibility of an active shooter.

  WLOX Editorial: Congratulations to Ingalls for 80 years of shipbuilding

We are celebrating 80 years of the rich history of Ingalls shipbuilding in Pascagoula.

  WLOX Editorial: Celebrating our Navy & its 243rd Birthday

This weekend, the United States Navy passed another milestone. The Navy celebrated its 243rd Birthday.

  WLOX Editorial: Pay it forward, help Florida Hurricane victims

This is the time to pay it forward and give where you can. Help our hurting neighbors to the east as they face this natural disaster that did not hurt us.

  WLOX Editorial: Congratulations North Bay Elementary School

North Bay Elementary School in Biloxi just made the list as a National Blue Ribbon School.

  WLOX Editorial: Let your voice be heard by voting

If you are not registered, you have until Monday, October 8th to register and on November 6, let your voice be heard by voting.

  WLOX Editorial: Cruisin’ with a view

We think a drive along the Mississippi Gulf coast may be among the best beach drives in the Southeast.

  WLOX Editorial: Staffing shortages at SMCI concerning

We find it deeply concerning that guards at the South Mississippi Correctional Institute in Leakesville are working 16 and 24 hour shifts because more than 40 percent of the staff jobs are vacant.

  WLOX Editorial: State auditor is right, development grant should be paid back

It is not uncommon for state governments to incent businesses to locate and create new jobs within their state.

  WLOX Editorial: Pay it forward, help Hurricane Florence victims

The people of the Mississippi coast have learned the hard way that we must always be vigilant in watching the tropics during hurricane season.

  WLOX Editorial: BP state settlement money heading to South Mississippi

Well it finally happened. The state legislature agreed on how to spend the $750 million coming to the state from the BP oil disaster settlement and the governor signed the bill into law. Now 75 percent of the settlement money will come to the six southernmost Mississippi counties.

  WLOX Editorial: If you are off, don't labor on Labor Day

Labor Day was founded in the 1800s. Unions pushed to reduce work hours which often were 60 to 80 hours per week. They wanted fewer hours, more time off, and a holiday recognizing working men and women. They got the holiday and for most, the scheduled workweek went to 40 hours.

  WLOX Editorial: Now lottery money will flow into Mississippi

The wheels are in motion for improving Mississippi's failing roads and bridges with the creation of the state lottery just approved by the state legislature. The first $80 million per year going to roads and bridges. Anything over 80 million per year goes to education.  We agree with this move.

  WLOX Editorial: Those who do business in MS should be held responsible in MS

There's an unusual lawsuit in the Mississippi court system. Attorney General Jim Hood brought the suit in Lowndes County a year and a half ago against Google, the tech company worth more than $500 billion. The suit claims the company was targeting advertisements toward school children in violation of Mississippi law.

WLOX Editorial: We applaud the progress

A new program designed to save lives in the ongoing opioid crisis is indeed saving lives. A year ago, the state trained and put the overdose reversal drug, Narcan, in the hands of more than 57 hundred law officers and first responders. The effort is working.

WLOX Editorial: Let's all do our part

The streets just got more congested and the urgency of some drivers is more evident. With school back in session, there are more student drivers on the road for the morning and afternoon rush. Not to mention adding school buses to the mix.

  WLOX Editorial: Congratulations to all in our tourism industry

There is good news to report for Mississippi Gulf Coast tourism. More people are visiting, up to 13.5 million in 2017. An increase of 6.3% over 2015. That's double the national tourism growth.  Lots of people drive in and leave in the same day, but 43% are overnight trips bringing in $1.17 billion in tourism spending.