WLOX Editorial: We commend school leaders for acting quickly

It's unfortunate that we live in a time when we must be prepared for the possibility of an active shooter.

  WLOX Editorial: Congratulations to Ingalls for 80 years of shipbuilding

We are celebrating 80 years of the rich history of Ingalls shipbuilding in Pascagoula.

WLOX Editorial: Celebrating our Navy & its 243rd Birthday

This weekend, the United States Navy passed another milestone. The Navy celebrated its 243rd Birthday.

WLOX Editorial: Pay it forward, help Florida Hurricane victims

This is the time to pay it forward and give where you can. Help our hurting neighbors to the east as they face this natural disaster that did not hurt us.

WLOX Editorial: Congratulations North Bay Elementary School

North Bay Elementary School in Biloxi just made the list as a National Blue Ribbon School.

WLOX Editorial: Let your voice be heard by voting

If you are not registered, you have until Monday, October 8th to register and on November 6, let your voice be heard by voting.

WLOX Editorial: Cruisin’ with a view

We think a drive along the Mississippi Gulf coast may be among the best beach drives in the Southeast.

WLOX Editorial: Staffing shortages at SMCI concerning

We find it deeply concerning that guards at the South Mississippi Correctional Institute in Leakesville are working 16 and 24 hour shifts because more than 40 percent of the staff jobs are vacant.

WLOX Editorial: State auditor is right, development grant should be paid back

It is not uncommon for state governments to incent businesses to locate and create new jobs within their state.

WLOX Editorial: Pay it forward, help Hurricane Florence victims

The people of the Mississippi coast have learned the hard way that we must always be vigilant in watching the tropics during hurricane season.

WLOX Editorial: BP state settlement money heading to South Mississippi

Well it finally happened. The state legislature agreed on how to spend the $750 million coming to the state from the BP oil disaster settlement and the governor signed the bill into law. Now 75 percent of the settlement money will come to the six southernmost Mississippi counties.

  WLOX Editorial: If you are off, don't labor on Labor Day

Labor Day was founded in the 1800s. Unions pushed to reduce work hours which often were 60 to 80 hours per week. They wanted fewer hours, more time off, and a holiday recognizing working men and women. They got the holiday and for most, the scheduled workweek went to 40 hours.

WLOX Editorial: Now lottery money will flow into Mississippi

The wheels are in motion for improving Mississippi's failing roads and bridges with the creation of the state lottery just approved by the state legislature. The first $80 million per year going to roads and bridges. Anything over 80 million per year goes to education.  We agree with this move.

WLOX Editorial: Those who do business in MS should be held responsible in MS

There's an unusual lawsuit in the Mississippi court system. Attorney General Jim Hood brought the suit in Lowndes County a year and a half ago against Google, the tech company worth more than $500 billion. The suit claims the company was targeting advertisements toward school children in violation of Mississippi law.

WLOX Editorial: We applaud the progress

A new program designed to save lives in the ongoing opioid crisis is indeed saving lives. A year ago, the state trained and put the overdose reversal drug, Narcan, in the hands of more than 57 hundred law officers and first responders. The effort is working.

WLOX Editorial: Let's all do our part

The streets just got more congested and the urgency of some drivers is more evident. With school back in session, there are more student drivers on the road for the morning and afternoon rush. Not to mention adding school buses to the mix.

WLOX Editorial: Congratulations to all in our tourism industry

There is good news to report for Mississippi Gulf Coast tourism. More people are visiting, up to 13.5 million in 2017. An increase of 6.3% over 2015. That's double the national tourism growth.  Lots of people drive in and leave in the same day, but 43% are overnight trips bringing in $1.17 billion in tourism spending.

WLOX Editorial: Long term reforms and funding needed

Here we are in the middle of hurricane season, and for the third time this year, the federal government can't get its act together on funding the National Flood Insurance Program. All Congress can seem to get through is four months of temporary funding. And each time, right on time or after a temporary lapse.

WLOX Editorial: Vote one way or the other, but vote

Voters in the Long Beach School District are being asked to increase their own property taxes for the next 20 years. It's a big request. The initial reaction for many could easily be no way because we are already being taxed to death. But the school district is asking anyway.

WLOX Editorial: Congratulations to all involved in Blues over Biloxi

Our congratulations and thanks go out to the entire Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron both for their ongoing service to our country and for a job well done in the skies over Biloxi last week. The Blue Angels certainly achieved their mission of showcasing the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

WLOX Editorial: Sales tax holiday should include school supplies

This Friday and Saturday is the state of Mississippi's annual sales tax holiday. It's a chance to save 7% on clothing and shoes as long as each item costs less than one hundred dollars. This is a good thing, it gives parents an opportunity to save money on back to school clothes for the students. But we have said it before, and here we go again; clothes are not the only items needed as students head back to school.

WLOX Editorial: Change in DNA law needed

The Mississippi Legislature is considering a new law requiring DNA testing for those charged with murder and other violent crimes. This is a change from current law that allows the state to do DNA testing only after the person is convicted. The change in the law makes sense.

WLOX Editorial: Congratulations Gulfport

Nobody ever expects to have a fire in their home. But the fact is we all have a one in four chance of having a home fire in our lifetime. So, we plan for fire, installing smoke detectors, staffing fire departments and giving them tools to extinguish those fires that we know will happen somewhere. And we buy fire insurance.

WLOX Editorial: Join the effort to save lives

Our neighbors in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and two other southern states; Georgia and South Carolina are getting together in an effort to save lives. Doing their part to stop the annual repeat of 10,000 people dying. Dying on American roads because of speeding. Speeding accounts for more than a quarter of the traffic deaths.

WLOX Editorial: We agree with this kind of training

While students are on their summer break, administrators are making plans for keeping them safe when they return to the classroom next month. While there will be other topics, the central focus of school safety is necessary as more than a hundred superintendents recently met in Biloxi. We agree with this kind of training. There must be active shooter drills and continued emphasis on seeing something and saying something.

WLOX Editorial: Lawmakers should do the right thing

Four months ago, the Mississippi Legislature adjourned. But the day they left Jackson, they knew they would likely go back for a special session since some big issues were not resolved. Now Governor Phil Bryant is likely to call a special session for August.

WLOX Editorial: We are glad they finally got together

A major $140 million expansion plan for Margaritaville in Biloxi was stalled the past couple of years when the Mississippi Secretary of State and the developer couldn't agree on the fees the state would receive since the project is in a tidelands area. But now they have agreed to $655 thousand per year. We are glad they finally got together.

WLOX Editorial: WLOX remains committed to serving the people of South Mississippi

Last week WLOX's Parent company, Raycom Media, announced it is selling its television stations and production operations to Gray Television, an Atlanta based media company. This will be the third corporate owner of WLOX since the Love family sold the station in 1995.  Through the ownership changes, this station has remained committed to how we can best serve our viewers, be it through quality journalism, expert weather forecasting, and live broadcasts of community events.

WLOX Editorial: Make a plan to rescan

If you watch WLOX for free with an antenna, you need to make a plan to rescan your televisions. We are about to make a change to our transmitter signal. So those of you with antennas are going to need to rescan your TVs on Friday, August 31st.

WLOX Editorial: Fair is fair

It's not in our nature to say we are glad that states will be able to collect more taxes. But this time that is the case. The U.S. Supreme Court says online companies will have to collect sales taxes and pay the states just like the stores down the street.

WLOX Editorial: Federal Shield Law for journalists needed

Recently the Justice Department seized New York Times reporter Ali Watkins's private email data and her phone records as part of an investigation into a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer. We view this as dangerous infringement on the Constitution's First Amendment which provides for freedom of the press.

  WLOX Editorial: See something, say something

Seeing something, then saying something really paid off recently in Ocean Springs. A good citizen in Ocean Springs reported a group of five young girls who appeared intoxicated with a 20-year-old man. The caller was right to be concerned.

WLOX Editorial: New boardwalk adds character to our coast

A beach view boardwalk in Biloxi is almost finished. This is a nice addition to the Biloxi waterfront adding the kind of class and character needed for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

WLOX Editorial: Let's get these guys off the streets

Wouldn't it be nice if you could trust everyone who shows up at your home? For the most part you can. But there are always the few who are looking to take advantage of our trusting nature. The bad ones came to the home of a senior citizen in Waveland and managed to get inside.

WLOX Editorial: Let the punishment fit the crime

A few unscrupulous commercial fishermen have ruined the commercial speckled trout fishing in Mississippi waters for the season. These few hauled in way bigger catches than they reported, doubling the expected take for the February through May season to 50 thousand pounds.The cheating was so bad that the Department of Marine Resources canceled the 2nd commercial speckled trout season altogether.

WLOX Editorial: Remembering Mayor Holloway's legacy

The people of Biloxi and across the coast are mourning the passing of former Biloxi Mayor A. J. Holloway. Holloway was Biloxi's longest serving mayor elected in 1993 and staying in office until 2015. We take time to remember the accomplishments of a true leader.

WLOX Editorial: Use your power, vote election day

Mississippi's Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is expecting low voter turnout for the June 5 primaries for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. We have 1.8 million registered voters in Mississippi. However, if he is right, the vast majority of those who can vote will not vote. For those who decide to cast ballots, if you want to vote in the Democrat Primary, 6 candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination.  If you vote Republican, two U.S. Senate c...

WLOX Editorial: Funding needed for road improvements

Bumpy roads are always a point of contention for drivers. Far too many roads need fixing, with never enough dollars to go around. Harrison County is now spending a hundred thousand dollars to assess the deterioration of all of its 800 miles of roads and then come up with a maintenance plan.

WLOX Editorial: Take time to remember our fallen troops

Memorial Day weekend unofficially kicks off the summer vacation season. For many, it means a day off, a long holiday weekend filled with family gatherings, maybe a trip, or a day on the water. And there will be plenty of barbecue. As we enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend, let's not forget the real purpose of this federal holiday; remembering our military who died in service to this country.

WLOX Editorial: Give yourself some extra travel time

If you thought the roads were crowded last year for the Memorial Holiday, you were right. Thirty-five million travelers hit the highways. If you'll be on the roads this weekend, make room. Even more cars, an additional one and a half million will hit the road this year, according to AAA.

WLOX Editorial: Sports betting in Mississippi

Legal sports betting is on the way to Mississippi. A federal law that outlawed sports betting everywhere except for a few states including Nevada was just struck down by the U.S.Supreme Court; and rightfully so. Whether you agree or not with any kind of gambling, the old law was plain unfair to other states.