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Toni Miles Heads West With The TrailGrazHers

By Toni Miles - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some coast cowgirls saddled-up this week and headed out to San Leon, Texas to bring hurricane relief supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Ike.

WLOX's Toni Miles is traveling with the TrailGrazHers as they bring eight horse trailers filled with food, toiletries and cleaning supplies to the tiny town near Galveston. Judy Longo told WLOX News that the relief drive was so successful, they're already planning a second trip.

Below are some recent dispatches from Toni's trip.  

Tuesday 9/23/08, 11:59am: The distribution of donated goods continues. Local residents who have lost everything, mill through the donations. Mops, Clorox, water are some of the top picks.

An 88-year-old man struggles to clear out his home, board by splintered board. A local church leaders says unless more help comes, he'll be dead by the time all the work is done.

Words can't describe how appreciative the local residents here are. Heartfelt thank-yous are common place, as they search for the basic tools they need to start the long process of rebuilding their homes, their businesses, their lives.

Residents are still in shock, as we South Mississippians were directly after the storm. The entirety of it all has not yet settled in. I see that same "haunted" look in people's eyes that was widespread in South Mississippi after Katrina.

It's going to be a long time before this small fishing community gets back on its feet.

Tuesday 9/23/08, 6:30am: Getting ready to fire up the grill for breakfast. It's been a while since some of the residents here have had a hot meal.

Devastation is everywhere. Piles of debris line the road and hide some homes. Still no electricity in the town as the people who live here with heavy hearts push forward to rebuild their homes, businesses, and keep their families' spirits uplifted.

The TrailGrazHers will give out the much needed supplies soon and scout out other nearby areas that the national media has overlooked.

Monday 9/23/08, 5:10pm: The ride has been long, bumpy, and full of surprises. The TrailGrazHers are an eclectic group of soft spoken ladies with steel backbones and hearts of gold.

We're about 35 miles away from the small town of San Leon, Texas, a fishing village of about 6200 people. The town awaits us. Many of them have lost their homes, cars, even their shoes.

Our nine horse trailer caravan, escorted by two Harrison County Sheriff's Deputies, is carrying the supplies we all needed and craved in the days, weeks, even months after Katrina. Supplies we're carrying include diapers, detergent, and all sorts of food along with other necessities and comforts.

As we head west, the damage becomes more visible. Fallen trees, downed road signs, and splintered homes are becoming a common site.

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