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Snake Grabbin'

By Walt Grayson - bio | email

Some people collect stamps, some people paint pictures. But some people have downright strange hobbies.

So you're out in a boat on one of the many beautiful lakes we have in Mississippi and you see a snake on a log. What do you do? Well, I think I know what you'd do. But if you were one of the fellows in Grabuone Outfitters, you'd hop out of the boat and grab the snake. All this started out as sort of a gag when Jimmy Nichols and some friends grabbed a snake out of a tree on Lake St. John in Louisiana and tormented fellow fisherman Rayford Palmer with it. After Mr. Palmer was finally convinced it wasn't a poisonous snake, he spit a little venom of his own.

"Shortly after that incident Mr. Rayford made a comment that we wasn't very good fishermen anyway, me and some of my buddies that were on the fishing trip and never caught any fish. He said you guys ought to just start grabbing snakes instead of fishing," said Jimmy Nichols. 

After getting huge response to some snake grabbin' video they posted on YouTube, the group released a video, then another and are in the process of editing a third. Matter of fact, my friend Brent Shorter who shot the video, shot these shots and let me have them so we could see what this snake grabbin' is all about.  But after a while, even Brent put down his camera and slipped over the side of the boat and grabbed some snakes for himself. Peer pressure will make you do most anything. 

"It goes against everything that your mind is telling you to do. I equate it with a lot of stuff you did in the army. Jumping out of airplanes, things like that. Your body tells you no but you do it. It is a rush, it's fun. It's something that, like I say, most people aren't going to do," said Shorter. 

Hey. I'm one of them. But let me point out, the snakes the Grabuone Outfitters members grab are not poisonous. Now they may be crazy, but they're not stupid. Jimmy Nichols has great advice for novice wannabe snake grabbers. 

"First thing I tell them is don't do it. And if you watch our videos, you'll see on the front end of all of them it tells you that snakes are dangerous. Until you really know what you are fooling with, you don't need to fool with them. We know the snakes we're grabbing and, you know, we are trying at the same time to educate people that every snake you see is not harmful," said Nichols. 

Well, I'm convinced. I do know enough about snakes not to kill them if you happen to see one in the wild. Just give them plenty of room. They're here for a reason.  

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