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  • Gregory E. Bertucci, M.D.

    Gregory E. Bertucci, M.D.

    Dr. Bertucci specializes in cataract surgery, radial keratotomy and laser surgery for diabetic eye disease and glaucoma. Click here to read articles on "Facts About Cataracts", "Facts About Diabetic Retinopathy", and "Diabetic Eye Disease - How Much Do You Know?". More >>
  • Philip L. Bertucci, M.D.

    Philip L. Bertucci, M.D.

    Dr. Philip Bertucci specializes in Cataracts, Glaucoma, Laser and Refractive Surgery. More >>
  • Edward E. Stahel, Jr., M.D.

    Edward E. Stahel, Jr., M.D.

    Dr. Stahel specializes in cataract surgery, cosmetic eye lid surgery and ophthalmic plastic surgery. Click here for articles on "Cosmetic Eye Lid Surgery" and "Cataracts in Adults".More >>
  • Roderick D. Fields, O.D.

    Roderick D. Fields, O.D.

    Dr. Fields specializes in contact lens patients including hard-to-fit candidates and new glasses patients. He offers the latest treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome, Crossed-Eyes (Strabismus), and Lazy Eye.  Click here to read "Facts on Crossed-Eye and Lazy Eye", "FAQs about Lazy Eye", and "Your Questions Answered about Dry Eye Syndromes".More >>
  • C. Curtis Gipson, M.D.

    C. Curtis Gipson, M.D.

    Dr. Gipson specializes in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic eye lid surgery and laser skin resurfacing to remove wrinkles and the effects of sun damage.  Click here to read articles on "Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery", "Laser Skin Resurfacing", and "Facts about Ptosis".More >>
  • Ralph R. Nix, III, M.D.

    Ralph R. Nix, III, M.D.

    Dr. Ralph Nix specializes in Diseases and Surgery of the Retina.  He is also Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Tulane and LSU Schools of Medicine.  Click here to read articles on Retinal Detachment and AMD.More >>
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