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Pregnancy And Weight Gain

The average woman hangs on to between one and six of the extra pounds she gains during pregnancy. There are ways to get the weight off, but the best way is not to gain it in the first place. More>>

  • First Contraceptive Patch

    Federal health officials have approved sale of the world's first contraceptive patch. More >>
  • New Birth Control Options

    There are new birth control options on the horizon for women and men.   What will they offer that current methods don't? More >>
  • First Gynecological Visit

    An important part of preventive health care for women is regular visits to the gynecologist, and those visits need to start early in life.. More >>
  • Women And Lupus

    Scientists say women are five times as likely as men to die from lupus, an immune system disease that causes crippling joint pain, and other debilitating symptoms. More >>
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