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Cowan Incorporated is built on a foundation of integrity, high quality craftsmanship and service. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and offer them the personal relationship and attention-to-detail they deserve. We treat our clients' projects as our own, taking pride in delivering a product in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.


How can I save up to 45% on my home owners insurance?

What is "mitigation" you ask? It means taking steps beforehand to either prevent the occurrence of a disaster or to reduce the severity of its effects on people and property.

At Cowan Incorporated, we have been working closely with local building officials as well as insurance underwriting agents to develop stronger methods for building our homes. These techniques meet the requirements as outlined by the Institute of Business and Home Safety which reflect savings on certain aspects of the insurance policy. We incorporate these mitigation techniques into the construction of our homes.

There are many techniques that we use, some including:

-House elevation: We are one of the few Custom Home Builders on the Gulf Coast that use elevated poured in place concrete foundations.
-Roof pitch and type: The important thing to note is the use of a secondary water barrier which will protect your home from water damage.
-Window types: We use double pane insulated units with Low-E and Argon gas which are energy efficient and can withstand up to 150 mph winds.  
-Door types: We use out swing exterior doors as a resistance measure against high winds.
-Wind reinforcements: We install custom fabricated steel brackets at critical connections throughout the structure.
-Shutters: You have the option to choose external operable shutters which serve as external wind resistance for your windows and doors.

All of these techniques are considered mitigation best practices. It is important when thinking about mitigation to go above the required statues. At Cowan Incorporated, we make it a goal to go beyond what is required to ensure that your home is safe and secure in the event of a disaster.

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