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About Us:
Our company was started before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast area.  After extensive research it was discovered that there was a lack of quality storm shutter companies along the gulf coast.  Companies needed to provide first rate products with quality customer service and professionalism.  At that point we set goals for ourselves and the company to become a customer oriented company.
First Goal:  You as the customer come first and foremost. We demand courtesy, respect and professionalism from all of our employees towards our customers. 
Second Goal:  Provide our customers with top quality products. In our research we also discovered the general public was not able to get quality products and installation.  The public was being sold products that they thought would protect their families and property, only to find out after the storm they were not fully protected. Unfortunately, this is still occurring today, even with the knowledge and products available in our industry.  As a company, we go to great lengths to educate our sales staff and installation crews to be knowledgeable with all codes, products, and installation
Third Goal:  Installations to meet Florida and Miami-Dade building codes along with manufacturers' recommendations. The installations we found were less than adequate for storm protection.  Instead of using subcontractors to install our products, we actually employee installers, allowing us to have control over all installations. Because of our strong belief in our goals, we have earned respect from our customers.  Those customers in return have recommended Stormy Hurricane Shutters, LLC to their friends, family and business associates.  Because of you, our customers, our company is stabile and will be around for a long time to serve the Gulf Coast.
Services provided:  Installation of: Hurricane Shutters, Motorized Interior Shades & Blinds, Solar Screens,Motorized Roll Down Screens, Hurricane Fabric, Storm Panels & Garage Door Windload Post
Accordion Shutters

Stormy Hurricane Shutters Accordion shutters are ideal for not only storm protection but also for security at any time, and after a storm.  Accordion shutters are permanently mounted to your home or business.  The easy operation of the accordion shutter system makes it ideal for your entire home and /or openings that are difficult to access, such as second floor or higher with the option of inside latching.  The Accordion shutter system hinge is designed to allow for a quiet and smooth operation.  Available with a one point locking system with either an inside thumb turn or outside lock and key.

We also offer a snap cap for the track that keeps out debris and can be used to hold back the storm curtain.

Accordion shutters are extremely durable making them an excellent economical option for hurricane protection.  There are four colors to choose from.

Bahama Shutters

Stormy Hurricane Shutters Bahama shutters provide your home or business with that gulf coast, day at the beach feeling.  These hurricane shutters not only offer storm protection but also shield your home against excess light and glare while allowing for cool breezes when your windows are open. 

We have different styles of Bahama shutters to choose from.

We have three styles that meet the 146 mph wind zone with large and small missile impact.  Meets Florida, Miami-Dade code. Full view Bahama Shutters with articulating louvers in the shutter allow you the best view from inside the home or business.  The HV Bahama shutter allows exceptional view with no moving parts.  This is a heavy duty system with a built in latching mechanism for easy operation of the hurricane shutter system.  We also offer a Bahama shutter that is rated for High Velocity wind zone of the Florida building code.  However this shutter has a solid backing panel and does not allow for any light or view.

We also offer a hollow blade non-rated shutter. The Bahama shutter system is good for second floor and higher installation because it can be easily latched from the inside the home.  No need to drag a ladder out when you need to close the shutters.

The latching system provides for a very strong shutter system when in the closed position.

Everyone should think about egress from the building in case of fire or emergency. Without shutter systems that are designed with inside latching it makes egress easy.  Plywood does not allow for egress in an emergency.

Bahama shutters are available in over two hundred colors.  Holdout arms and fasteners are color coated to match the shutter color.

Colonial Shutters

Stormy Hurricane Shutters Colonial shutters replace the old wood shutters that are popular on traditional style homes.  Pricing is comparative to wood shutters without the possibility of wood rotting, warping or the upkeep of painting.  Colonial shutters offer timeless beauty while being completely functional and fully “rated” to Florida Building code requirements for hurricane protection.  These hurricane shutters are mounted permanently on your home or business for year round beauty and can be easily closed for storm protection. 

Our colonial shutters can be designed to fit most custom windows.  We offer the Louver style or a raised panel style with a composite backing.  We also offer a Board and Batten style.

All of these storm shutters meet the 146 mph wind rating with large and small impact testing protocol.

Our locking bars and/or clips are aluminum and all are installed with either stainless steel, or coated fasteners to stop rust or corrosion.  Hinge pins are stainless steel bolts with locknuts.  In most cases all our hardware and fasteners are coated to match the shutter.

Rolldown Shutters

Stormy Hurricane Shutters Rolldown shutters are an excellent choice for hurricane protection.  The rolldown shutter is one system available that can be built for the high velocity wind zone.  The high velocity wind zone is 150 mph and above.  These hurricane shutters are multi-functional and can be used for not only storm protection but also sun and security protection as well. 

Rolldown shutters come in a variety of styles depending on your protection requirements and budget.  The Rolldown shutter system can be either inside or outside hand crank.  The Rolldown shutter can also be operated electronically with a manual override.  With the use of electronics, this system can be set up for use with remote control.  You can also electronically wire to your alarm system.  Proper installation is essential to this shutters strength and proper operation.  There are 3 different styles of hoods available for the rolldown shutter.  A square hood, a 45 degree angled hood and a rounded hood.  End retention allows the shutter to be used on wide spans without the use of storm bars and still meet code.

We can build and install this storm shutter system on most openings for your home or business. 

Storm Panels

Stormy Hurricane Shutters storm panels are the most economical storm protection for your windows and doors.

Our panels are available in your choice of lightweight aluminum, 24 gauge steel or clear polycarbonate.

Metal-Clear-Metal application enables you to illuminate your home in the daylight hours before, during and after a storm.

Choice of vertical or horizontal panel installation.

Storm panels are stored out of the way with minimal space requirements

Properly mounted header and track system requirements above and below the opening to ensure easy panel installation.

Storm panel systems must be secured to the structure using proper hardware, fastener separation, depth in the structure, and panel to glass separation, to meet the Florida Building code and Miami-Dade Building code.

Limited 10 year warranty.

When installed properly, storm panels provide maximum protection.

Wind Load Posts The garage door is the largest opening in your home.  For this reason the garage door must be protected against hurricane and storm damage. The development of the Wind Load post system is designed to do just that. It is also designed to be easily installed and removed when needed.  Test results show when a garage door blows in, it allows your home to pressurize and this leads to catastrophic failure of your roof system, hence destroying your home during a hurricane.

The post system will usually have two posts per door, with brackets installed into the header above the door.  (This must be structural with a minimum embedment of 2 1//4”).  The post will drop into holes in the concrete floor with pins and will attach to the door.

The Wind Load system will stop any deflection (positive and negative) in the door and will get the door to a 146 mph rating.  The Wind Load post system that Stormy Hurricane Shutters uses is rated to meet Miami/Dade code.  Tests reports are available upon request.  This system combined with our hurricane shutter systems will give you peace of mind that you have total storm protection for home.
Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane Fabric, also known as Hurricane Screen is an exceptional option to standard aluminum shutters.

  • Hurricane Fabric Screen is 100% polypropylene mesh.
  • Blocks 97% of all wind and rain
  • Allows light to filter inside your home or business
  • Protects against high winds and flying debris
  • Meets stringent Florida Building Codes
  • Mesh is lightweight, easy to use
  • Stores easily
  • Available in 4 colors, Black, Grey, Bone and White
  • Come in squares or rectangular.  Special order is also available for arches and unique designs.

Hurricane fabric is available in different styles designed to meet the needs of your home and/or business.

Strap and Buckle Screen – System can be used several different ways, such as, porches where you can wrap the straps around the columns.   The straps and buckle are sewn into the hem of the fabric and cross-stitched for a solid connection.

Grommet Screen – Available with two, three or even four grommets per side.  Mounted directly to the structure, or using a track system.  

Slide Screen – Screen slides down an end retention track for easy installation.

Roll Down Screen – Can easily be deployed manually or electronically, with an option of remote control.

Hurricane fabric from Stormy Hurricane Shutters is a great for lanais, windows, or porches.


Maestran™ is an exclusive hurricane and security protection shield engineered and manufactured by MaestroShield®. It provides safety from hurricanes and Ultra-Violet solar radiation as well as providing the best protection against intrusion. Delivered in manual or roll down forms, Maestran™ is an elegant, smooth, semi-transparent and esthetically pleasing. Its impenetrable strength is derived from an innovative design using Kevlar™ cabled with six strands of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.

Maestran™ allows outward visibility while protecting

residential or commercial building structures. Installations are available as a fixed installation on a frame or a permanent installation directly mounted to the structure motorized with a remote control or manually operated. Applications are recommended for :Doors Windows-Porches Balconies-Lanais Porticos-Storefronts

Maestran™ has been tested and approved as a hurricane protection product from:

• Miami Dade County - NOA# 07-0404.02

• Florida Building Code - FL8622

• Texas Department of Insurance - SHU158

Maestran™ distinctive features include:

  • Protects opening up to 13’ x 30’
  • Ultra light weight - only .35 lbs per sqft.
  • Reduces wind, rain, heat and UV exposure by 72%
  • Maintains external visibility
  • Comes with a full 7 year warranty
  • All aluminum housing, hoods, side rails, side caps and bottom bars are AAMA 2605 Powder Coated and include a 10 year warranty and are available in white, beige, ivory and bronze

Titan-Screen™ is an industry class leader that provides energy efficient sun shading, shelter from insects, climate control capability and rain and wind reduction. The ingenuity of the Titan-Screen™ system is highly sought after and has pleased even the most discerning clients with its beauty, multiple applications and ease of use. Whether increasing the value of your home, extending the use of outside areas or providing an enhanced experience for your customers, Titan-Screen™ is an important addition to realizing your exterior screening vision.

Windows are a major source of unwanted heat gain andresponsible for up to 50% of the energy used to heat and cool homes. Without proper window treatments, an increase in extensive solar heat penetration will prove to be costly. The installation of Titan-Screens™ on the exterior of your windows will:

  • Block and deflect up to 98% of heat and harmful Ultra-Violet rays before they reach your window therefore providing a more efficient barrier than interior shades.
  • Have an aesthetically luxurious appearance and can beseamlessly integrated in most exterior facades.
  • Are available in a variety of fabrics densities and colors.
  • Allow outward visibility and can provide daytime privacy.
  • Prevents blow outs in windy conditions with a uniquelydesigned side rail engagement.
  • Have been tested to handle winds up to 120mph (65 psf)in a 6’ X 6’ opening.
  • Provides closure on uneven surfaces with a brush seal.
  • Have a collapsible zipper available for garage installations.
  • Can have logos or graphics printed directly on the screen.
Interior Shades

Custom interior shades are made based on your window measurements and specifications so they fit properly and work better.

Our custom window treatments are of top quality and come in a much wider range of colors, styles and options.

The superior production process and premium materials used in our products help extend the life of your window treatments, as well as provide a superb product that complements your other home furnishings.

Many homeowners note an energy savings up to 30 % with our interior shade.

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