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Claims Assistance

Saad's Medical Equipment helps you eliminate the paperwork headache associated with filing health insurance claims. Our store clerks and billing department will assist you in receiving the maximum benefit to which you are entitled.

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield All Kinds
  • Private Insurance

Courteous, trained, technical experts will guide you through the maze of today's complex reimbursement information. What is covered? How do I file? Who is the primary payor? Give us the privilege of serving you, and answering those questions.

Our claims assistance, quality equipment and competent personnel help make Saad's Medical Equipment your "One-Stop-Shop" for home healthcare needs.

  • Skilled Nurses provide a variety of specialized home care services, including detailed skilled assessments and reports to physicians, care plan teaching, wound care, medication administration, as well as all other nursing skills.

  • Diabetic Services are provided by nurses who specialize in diabetic care regardless of whether the patient is or is not taking insulin. Education for the patient and the family is an integral part of each diabetic program.

  • I.V. Therapy allows the patient to return home from the hospital at an earlier stage of treatment while maintaining the highest level of care. Our professional staff offer complete parenteral and enteral nutritional care, antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy for patients who do not require hospitalization, intravenous fluids for hydration, and pain management for the patient suffering from chronic pain. Education for the patient and family and close supervision by skilled professionals are key elements of each patient's program.

  • Enterostomal Therapy is offered to patients who have had major surgery or who have complicated draining wounds or pressure sores. Our wound care nurses provide stoma and fistula management; care for bowel and bladder incontinence, draining wounds and pressure sores; and cancer care. The patient receives quality treatment, increased comfort, significant cost savings, and improved psychological well-being.

  • Hospice Care is designed to provide support and care for terminally ill patients so that they may live as comfortably as possible. Hospice care recognizes death as a natural phenomenon, and it neither hastens nor postpones the process. Through appropriate care and the attention of a sensitive support team, patients and their families reach a satisfactory degree of mental and spiritual preparedness.

  • Home Health Aides provide assistance with routine daily activities such as bathing, hygeine, housekeeping, and meal preparation. These services allow many patients who would otherwise be institutionalized to remain in their own homes.

  • Speech/Language Pathologists provide services which address difficulty in swallowing, communication disorders caused by stroke and other medical conditions characterized by impairment of language comprehension, formulation, and use, lack of volitional control of motor programming sequences for oral speech, and motor speech disorders characterized most often by imprecision in articulation.

  • Occupational Therapists are licensed, certified professionals who work with patients whose lives have been interrupted by illness or injury to help restore them to independence and safe daily living activities such as feeding, grooming, dressing, toilet/tub transfers, and homemaking tasks.

  • Physical Therapy is provided for patients recovering from spinal cord injury, orthopedic surgery, stroke, or other illnesses which contribute to immobility or decreased function in the home. The focus of the care plan is to strengthen and increase the range of motion; educate the patient and the family; establish a long-term exercise program; and assess patient equipment needs.

  • Medical Social Workers assess the needs of our patients and arrange for delivery of available community resources and services. They counsel both the patient and the family and act as advocates on their behalf. They advise families on entitlement programs and provide valuable information and referral services.

Saad's Private Duty Nursing and Personal Care provide patients who have private insurance or wish to pay themselves with the same help and assistance that Medicare and Medicaid patients receive while recovering at home. Quality patient care is Saad's primary goal.

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