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Did you know that every 31 minutes someone loses their life to drunk driving? This holiday season, WLOX , the Ad Council and the Television Bureau of Advertising join forces to promote Project Roadblock, a campaign designed to put the brakes on drunk driving.

As you visit this page, you will find out which group has the highest alcohol-related fatalities, how many drinks causes impaired driving and how you can save a life. Use the links on the right to learn more. And tune in to WLOX, where you'll see the Project Roadblock spots running through the new year.

So as you celebrate with friends and family this season, have a happy holiday and remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving.

    If you are drinking, do not drive.
    If you plan to drink, designate a non-drinking driver.
    Support the strengthening and enforcement of impaired-driving laws. These laws save lives.
    Young drivers are at particular risk to be involved in alcohol-related crashes. If there is a young driver in your family, strictly enforce a zero tolerance policy with alcohol. All states have a 21-year-old drinking age law.

    •In 2005, nearly 1.4 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (Department of Justice 2005).
    •In 2005, 48 children age 14 years and younger who were killed as pedestrians or pedalcyclists were struck by impaired drivers (NHTSA 2006).
    •Young men ages 18 to 20 (under the legal drinking age) reported driving while impaired more frequently than any other age group (Shults et al. 2002, Quinlan et al. 2005).
    • (the National Safety Council) reports that alcohol is a factor in 6 percent of all traffic crashes, and more than 40 percent of all fatal crashes.
Calculate your Blood Alcohol Level.

    (Beer ~ 12 oz. Wine Glass ~ 4 oz. 1 Shot ~ 1.5 oz)
    (Beer ~ 4-4.5% Wine ~ 15-20% 1 Shot ~ 30-50%)
Fluid Ounces Consumed Percent Alcohol
Your Weight (Lbs) Hours Consuming Drink
BAC Percentage
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