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Investigators Still Searching For Clues In Year Old Missing Case

It's been more than a year now since a Diamondhead man disappeared. The family of 79-year-old Floyd Price has given up hope of seeing him alive.

Price vanished in February of last year and Sheriff's officials say they have very few clues in the case.

It's the thought of never knowing what happened that troubles his family the most.

"There's a lot of family that really love Floyd a great deal," J.C. Price said.

J.C. Price treasures a homemade tribute to his older brother Floyd. Relatives gathered the photos and mementos on a poster board to share at a family reunion.

"I think he would have been amazed. He would have been overwhelmed."

The photos on the poster may be the only memories left. Floyd Price has been missing for past 13 months and his brother J.C. has given up hope of ever seeing him alive again.

"I'm convinced he was murdered. His body was taken somewhere and hidden."

Price was last seen February 4, 2004 at his Laini Village Condo in Diamondhead. That's the night his younger brother says he dropped him off there.

"He and I had both gone to a VFW meeting at the country club, which is less than a quarter of a mile from his condo, and then I came home."

Price says when no one heard from Floyd the next day, they knew something was wrong.

"He was in good shape mentally. I knew his routine so well."

Floyd Price left all of his belongings and two cars behind. His brother is convinced the disappearance is some how linked to money.

"He had written two checks the day he disappeared to one fellow. He had written the checks for $3,000 to this person."

Investigators have checked out many clues, including those checks.

"We do have a suspect that we've been looking at, but until we find him or find a body, we have nothing at this time," Hancock County's Chief Investigator Kenny Hurt said.

The FBI confirmed that Price had written the checks. But beyond that, the FBI, the Sheriff's Department and the family's private investigator have found few answers for Floyd Price's family.

"One of these days, it's going to be resolved," J.C. Price said.

A $10,000 reward is being offered by Price's family to anyone who can lead authorities to the person responsible for his disappearance. If you know anything about the case, please call the Hancock County Sheriff's Office at (228) 467-5101.

by Al Showers

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