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Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly In Biloxi

The broken out window in Angeline Combs's third floor apartment confirms what Diane Mitchell says woke her up early Thursday morning. 

"It sounded like somebody was being thrown around, banged up against the walls and the floors. Sounded like it was coming through my ceiling, and I kept hearing it. And at 4:11am, I heard this, 'boom, boom,' and I heard glass breaking." Mitchell says.

Biloxi Police investigators say when they got into apartment 136, they saw signs of a violent struggle before Calvin Reed allegedly killed Combs. 

"It's pretty obvious she was shot in the apartment and, for some unknown reason, they went and got in the vehicle, or he loaded her in the vehicle, and they left from there. We're not sure where they were going from that point. But at some point, the vehicle appeared to have broke down on the I-110 bridge," says Captain Darrin Peterson.

That's where police found the car with Combs was inside, shot once in the head.

Rush hour traffic on I-110 slowed to a crawl as investigators worked the scene. Peterson says Reed apparently caught a ride to D'Iberville where he got into a Chevy Caprice that belongs to his uncle. From there he went to another relative's house near Vancleave, where he was arrested.

Police think Reed threw a gun out of Combs's car.

"Anybody that finds a gun on the side of the road, rather than be tempted to keep the gun, it's probably involved in a homicide and it would be very wise for them to call the police department," says Peterson.

Investigators say they're not sure if Calvin Reed and Angeline Combs lived together. They say his name is not on the apartment lease. Two young children were inside the apartment during the shooting. They were not hurt.

by Marcia Hill

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