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Ocean Springs Alderman Wants To Crackdown On Massage Businesses

"I do not think it is a good representation for the city of Ocean Springs," says Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan.

Hagan says he is fed up with the increase of what he calls "illegal massage parlors" coming to his city. Hagan says the aesthetics outside make him question what's happening inside.

"Screens that you cannot see through, tinted windows, privacy fences that you can hide your car when you park around back," says Hagan .

When we went to some of these businesses to ask for their certification, many declined an interview, others simply chose not to answer the door. That is, everyone except massage therapist Sandra Payne.

Payne is a registered nurse and a massage therapist. She's worked as a certified therapist for more than nine years and says she agrees that illegal business in Ocean Springs need to be closed.

 "I would love to have them run out of town, but that is my personal view from a Christian standpoint. I do no want them lumped in with me," Payne says.

And that's why Hagan is working to create a city ordinance to stop illicit shops from entering the community.

"They would have to provide us with all the certification from the state before they can occupy a building and sell a service," says Hagan.

By doing this, Hagan says more certified people like Payne can move in.

"It will help keep the riff raff out and there will be legitimate massage parlors, places where you can get a real massage," Hagan says.

Hagan says the issue will be discussed at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.

By Patrice Clark

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