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Kentucky Group Helps Ocean Springs Students

Students in Ocean Springs will hit the books Monday morning. School administrators say everything is ready for the district to resume classes.

A Christian group from Northern Kentucky is making certain students have adequate supplies.

An organization called "Answers in Genesis" delivered a truck load of back packs, notebooks and assorted school supplies to the school headquarters Friday morning.

"Answers in Genesis" spent months planning a weekend conference at First Baptist Church Ocean Springs.When Hurricane Katrina cancelled the bible conference, the Kentucky group raised enough money to buy a truck load of school supplies for Ocean Springs students.

"We have to try and help them out in some way. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something," said spokesman Tom Miller.

A small army of teachers, parents and volunteers formed a box brigade. Hundreds of cartons made their way from the truck, to a room inside the school administration building.

Inside, the sorting area resembled the stock room at Wal Mart.

"Oh look, artsy craftsy stuff. Isn't that precious?", a teacher said aloud as she unloaded a box of supplies.

Precious and plentiful. As the unloading continued, the outpouring of help seemed overwhelming.

"But it's so rewarding to know so many people care. And these supplies came from all over the United States to "Answers In Genesis" and then they brought them down to us. So, it's really touching. We've had a lot of people that are concerned about our children," said school administrator, Dr. Edna Waller.

The Ocean Springs football coach was a part of the team. Coach Jones took the handoff and delivered another carton.

Ocean Springs students who need school supplies, will have them when classes resume.

"I think it's really good because a lot of people lost a lot of stuff and they kind of need it," said fifth grader, Samantha Moeller.

Samantha may be just a fifth grader, but she speaks from experience. You see, she's among the many along the Mississippi Gulf Coast whose family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

Thanks to much kindness from Kentucky, Samantha and many other students will have the school supplies they need when the bell rings Monday morning.

By Steve Phillips

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