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Prostitution sting nets 21 arrests

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Prostitution is an age old crime that continues still in Mississippi's capital city.  The Hinds County Sheriff's Department Narcotics and Street Crimes units were back in action on the streets of Jackson to crack down on prostitutes and the men soliciting them for sex.

Hinds County Sheriff's officials named it "Operation Love 'em and Leave 'em."  Because of numerous sting operations like this, female deputies that once posed as prostitutes were getting recognized on the street.  That's why the Hinds County Sheriff's Department has called on two deputies from Simpson County to help out.

The first stop was Valley Street at Raymond Road.  In more than an hour eight people are under arrest.

"I don't want to talk," said William Robinson.  42 year old Robinson was nabbed for marijuana possession and trying to pay $20 for sex.

"Evidently he decided to offer this young lady an amount of money for exciting sex.  So he's being arrested," said Hinds County Sheriff's Department Lt. Jeffery Scott.

As the sun started to go down more were arrested.  When 39 year old Patrick Wigley, a married man accused of offering money for sex, was asked what his wife would say Wigley replied, "She's going to kill me."

It was not just the Johns deputies were after.  An undercover officer is out looking to solicit prostitutes.  He makes two arrests in 15 minutes.

"I was just trying to get out of the heat," said 30 year old Eulanda Smith charged with solicitation of prostitution.

More denials came from two men, 25 year old Wilburt Coleman and 24 year old Max Gallion, dressed as women picked up for prostitution at the Deluxe Inn on Highway 80.

"He must have wanted to have sex, but that was not my intention because my white friend guy was on his way back," said Coleman.

In the middle of the sting, the undercover caught two people having sex in a van parked on a busy street corner.  That's where our crews met Sooky Harrell.

"Ya, I was having sex in the back seat of my truck in the middle of the freaking parking lot, ya," said Harrell who was arrested for indecent exposure along with 25 year old Reginald Davis.

"She's a long time prostitute in the Jackson area, drug abuser, drug user, just a long long sorry history," said Hinds County Sheriff Department Major Nick Clark.

When we move on to Capitol Street deputies find another well known face.  She was 31 year old Marie "Mouse" Dolan, she admitted to working the streets half her life.

"I was molested from the age 4 to 15.  I got on crack cocaine when I was 10 years old, so I've been on the street since I was 15.  I've been knowing the lovely law enforcement since I was 15," said Dolan.

She's arrested for possession of marijuana.  These deputies are hoping to stop the cycle.

"Not only are they prostituting, but they're involved in narcotics.  They're involved in house burglary, car burglary, armed robbery.  We attack it at this level and it helps prevent other crime," said Major Clark.

21 arrests were made in all.  16 of those were prostitution related charges.

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