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Chinese drywall homes repaired under pilot program


By Doug Walker - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - In January of 2007, the Taylor family moved into their dream home on Joy Lane in Jackson County. But that dream became a nightmare when they realized the home was contaminated with Chinese drywall. 

When you go inside the Taylors' home today, you'll see that contaminated drywall being torn out. Copper pipes have corroded.  Electrical outlets that should be shiny are black and grimy instead.

The German company that made the defective product has agreed to rebuild 30 homes as part of a pilot program. 

Steve Mullins, who represents the Taylor Family, explained how the process works.

"They pay the necessary repairs to the house, which involved stripping it to the two by fours and basically rebuilding the house, taking out all the drywall, the affected plumbing, the wiring, the HVAC systems. Then paying the homeowners a stipend for damage to electronics and for them being out of the home," Mullins said.

Jason Taylor knew something was wrong right after they moved in.  

"Within a few months, we started having air conditioner problems, but we didn't really know what was causing it and neither did the homebuilder," Taylor remembered. 

Taylor said there were other issues as well.  

"Now that I read about different symptoms that other people were having, we experienced the same stuff, headaches, sinus problems."   

While living in the contaminated home for more than two years, Jason Taylor and his family had doubts about the future.  How would they survive? How would they pay for repairs?  Taylor said the answer came with this program.  

"I hate to even think what we would have had to do had this program not appeared and we've been accepted into it." 

But there are thousands of other homeowners who also need help. Mullins said he won't stop working until that happens.  

"We'll be pleased when everyone's home is repaired, or they are paid to hire the contractor of their choice to get their home repaired. And it looks like we're still months away from that final resolution," Mullins said. 

The German company, Knauf, has agreed to not limit the amount of money spent on the pilot program, but will pay whatever amount is necessary to repair all the houses.

Work on the Taylor home should be finished within two months. At that time, the family will move back home from their temporary living quarters in Gulfport.

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