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Runner makes mad dash from Miami to LA for good cause


By Elizabeth Vowell – email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) – One hundred days. More than 2700 miles. One man.  That's a formula that's turning heads all over the country, and that's exactly what runner Milton Miller is trying to do.

"At first, it was a self improvement challenge. I thought, I need to lose weight, get in shape, this kind of thing. But, later talking to people to did it, they always said you need to have a reason beyond yourself to do it," said Miller.

Miller is running from Miami to Los Angeles in what he calls 100 days of madness.  He's goal is to raise awareness for a charity that gives aid to special needs kids in Africa

Miller set out on December 19.  Believe it or not, Miller hadn't been a runner before setting out on his mad mission.  He only trained for four months.

"I don't remember running more than three miles in my life," said Miller as he paused to talk outside Gautier. "Maybe running to the bus a few times,  but no more than that. I really was a couch potato before that."

Miller says his lack of experience serves as an inspiration, showing that anyone can take on a challenge if they only try.

He starts out early each morning, running in a bright yellow shirt with a baby stroller that carries camping gear, clothes, and other supplies.  Even though he's running solo, he stays connected through his phone by updating a blog and checking in with friends.  Miller even has a phone app that tracks his progress on his web site. 

For shelter, he camps or crashes on a couch.  He says that throughout his journey, people have helped out by offering food or money. 

"I appreciate so much the generosity of the people that I meet along the way," said Miller.

Miller tells every person he meets about the charity, ECYE, and asks for support. He says that the best way to make a difference is to make a scene.  

"Bringing attention to a cause starts with bringing attention. You have to do something crazy, something noteworthy," said Miller. "If they can connect and admire whatever it is your doing- it may be singing, it may be dancing, it may be running- then go for it."

Besides getting into shape and helping out a worthy cause, Miller says the best part of the journey is making friends and getting an up close look at the country's scenery.

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